Welcome to the imaginary world of Beau gars where women shamelessly assume all the roles of power. Politicians, hunters, queens, policewomen, they are everywhere and dominate all spheres of society. On stage, three female narrators chop up the worlds of movies and TV series, commenting with a sharp sense of humor on the actions of their fictional heroines, while keeping an eye on a handsome, half-naked man-object kept at the ready.

©Valérie Remise pour le Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui | ©Élodie Renaux (promo picture)

text Erin Shields
translation Olivier Sylvestre
direction Guillermina Kerwin
featuring Oumy Dembele , Marie Bernier , Cynthia Wu-Maheux , Gabriel Lemire
directing assistance Marguerite Houdon

set design Anne-Sophie Gaudet
costumes Marie Audrey Jacques
lighting Tiffanie Boffa
sound design Andrea Marsolais Roy
production manager Jon Lachlan Stewart
technical director Emmanuelle Nappert

Beautiful Man by author Erin Shields, translated here by Olivier Sylvestre, is an engaging, deft and playful satire that turns roles upside down and disconcertingly shifts stereotypical discourses and behaviors to reveal them. Beau gars joyfully attacks everything that is toxic and insidiously maintained by popular culture, making a radical change in the way stories are told.


March 14 – April 1st
Centre du Théâtre d’aujourd’hui, Montréal
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