Welcome to the imaginary world of Beau gars where women shamelessly assume all the roles of power. Politicians, hunters, queens, policewomen, they are everywhere and dominate all spheres of society. On stage, three female narrators chop up the worlds of movies and TV series, commenting with a sharp sense of humor on the actions of their fictional heroines, while keeping an eye on a handsome, half-naked man-object kept at the ready.


The King Stinks is the need to tell the story of a “good king”…a king or president in which the world could put all their hope…a king who, despite their good intentions, would be slowly ROTTED away by the system he decided to lead. After all the abrasive humour of the production, there is a very specific feeling or thought we want to leave audiences with: the world is frightening. We all want it to change. But what can we really do, and is it too late?

Theatre is a tool that turns the world inside out and looks at it from as many perspectives as possible. We hope to give new perspective, new thoughts, and new experiences to people.