There’s one bird there in the flock that’s thinking differently
He didn’t mean to cause any kind of revolution
For him it was just playing
It’s just who he is
But it’s becoming bigger.
He has followers. And he has haters.
And now he’s coming home to confront the one person who somehow matters most in his eyes. The father who exiled him.

Text by Jon Lachlan Stewart, loosely inspired by the work of Richard Bach
Staging by Jon Lachlan Stewart
Choreography by Luca «Lazylegz» Patuelli
Translated by Marilyn Perreault
Production Surreal SoReal Theatre and Geordie Theatre 

Staging assistant Chloé Ekker
Set design Julie Vallée-Léger
Costumes Sophie El Assaad
Light design Tiffanie Boffa
Sound design Lefutur
Video Francis-Olivier Métras
Production Chad Domski

with Prince Amponsah, Yousef Kadura, Marilyn Perreault, Luca «Lazylegz» Patuelli, Julie Taminko Manning , Lesly Velàzquez