The Genius Code is a live play where each individual audience member listens through their own set of headphones, choosing which character to follow in a three person love tragedy set in the modern day.

DJ Genius Code, aka Gene Cody, has never been in love, in every sense of the word, but, inspired by a sparked romance between two of his best friends, Gyl and Sky, Gene brings the two lovers together, and begins creating an experimental album of music using their voices, conversations; their entire lives. Based on the spirit which lives in an artist’s walls, the Roman GENIUS, The Genius Code is a highly intimate theatre experience bringing each audience member three different choices of a story.

Choose your side, compare stories after.

Directed by Jon Lachlan Stewart – Lighting Design Megan Koshka – Set and costumes design Cory Sincennes

Surreal SoReal Theatre’s latest, two years in the making (during the company’s residency at Catalyst) is the most ingenious and intriguing production in town.